Power BI Sandbox

Power BI Sandbox

Play with your own Ideas and Master your Power BI Skills.

Power BI Sandbox

Our Microsoft Power BI Sandbox is an isolated environment where you can login & experiment new features and capabilities of Power BI services without affecting your production environment.
Using our SMEClabs sandbox playground you can create any number of virtual sessions and prevent production systems from being adversely impacted by any configuration changes.
If you are looking to practice Microsoft Power BI in a safe and controlled environment, this Power BI Sandbox environment can be a great option.
This includes
Play with your Ideas and Master your AWS Skills
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Key Features of Power BI Sandbox

No Additional License

Our Power BI sandbox comes up with real-time connectivity with Microsoft Power BI & MS-office apps. Therefore no additional license purchases are required to access Power BI.

Isolated Environment

You can easily create and destroy in Power BI environments as needed. All your activities are isolated, hence the administration is always secure.

Virtual Isolation

Power BI sandbox provides an isolated virtual environment for testing and experimentation of Power BI data. It allows you to test new data sets and reports.


Power BI Sandboxes offer a great deal of flexibility, as they can be easily created, deleted, or reset.

Hands-On Learning

Try setting up your own Power BI configuration & datasets. Do not worry about any misconfiguration. Learn and experiment on real-time with full freedom.

Technical Support

Whenever you feel in a difficult situation while trying different things with your sandbox, you can constantly contact our specialized technical support group.