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About US

We aim to create a skillful generation and this will eventually transform our nation

Welcome to SMEC we are here to provide the required training for freshers in the field of technology. Technology is evolving day by day so to keep up with this we need to upgrade ourselves. SMEC360 is an online platform for you to learn anything regarding IT, from software testing to cloud computing. We aim to provide the required skills and knowledge to freshers which is required to thrive in today’s dynamic industry. 

SMEC 360 is renowned for providing unique training such as the state of art sandbox training facilities. All of this will allow our learners to apply their skills in a practical environment.

We have designed our courses by considering the current trends in the IT sector. In this modern workplace, SMEC360 will come in handy for freshers and also for professionals. We have designed this course to equip the freshers with skills that are required to excel in their respective fields. SMEC360 will be useful for anyone who is in the IT sector such as a software developer, networking professional, or someone who like to pursue a career in cloud computing. SMEC360 knows your career requirements and can guide you in your career path.

What sets us apart is our commitment to shaping the careers of our candidates. We make sure that our students get what’s necessary for them based on their career preferences. SMEC360 upgrades the course syllabus based on the changes in technology.

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