Google Cloud Sandbox

Google Cloud Sandbox

Play with your own Ideas. Learn Google Cloud in a 100% isolated environment.

Google Cloud Sandbox

Our Google Cloud Sandbox allows you to try and test all the concepts that you know in an isolated environment where you could write, execute and delete your code without impacting any other file or database.
Here, you can create any no. of Virtual sessions and choose from multiple hardware configurations that you require to learn and practice.
Execute apps and services, allocate resources as needed, and allow yourself to learn without caring about the installations and maintenance.
This includes
Play with your Ideas and Master your AWS Skills
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Key Features of Google Cloud Sandbox

Hands-On Learning

Practice as you learn, and be sure of the concepts and the way they work. Feel confident about your knowledge and experiment with Google Cloud.

No Overdue Bills

No extra billing for any extra work. You can try and test your innovations at an already paid fixed cost.

Isolated Environment

You can easily create and destroy in Azure environments as needed. All your activities are isolated, hence the administration is always secure.

One Time Payment

Pay a one time cost and learn and practice Google Cloud concepts anytime in the console.

Existing Data Upload

You can easily upload data and applications, test them for their results, make changes to it, execute it over and over again until you get the desired outcome. You can also move data between different cloud services.

Technical Support

Our experts will help you with any technical issues and resolve them at the earliest.

Isolated Environment

Whatever you try in the Google Cloud Console will not affect other users and programs, and you can play around with any imaginative ideas.

Data Movement

With our Hands-on-Labs, you can forget about server installation and maintenance, we will take care of it.

Automated Deletion

Once you are done with the execution and testing of your concepts in the console, all the draft work will get deleted automatically.

Allowed Google Cloud Sandbox Services and Limits


VM Instance
Machine-Type: n1-standard-1
Region: US
Max Machines: 3

Google Kubernetes Engine
Machine-Type: n1-standard-1
Region: US
Max Nodes: 3


Cloud Function
Max Build Time: 100ms

Cloud Run
Max Services: 1

App Engine
Not Allowed


Cloud SQL
Max RAM: 3.75 GB/CPU
Max vCPU: 3

Max Nodes: 1
Machine Type: n1-standard-1

Cloud Spanner
Max Nodes: 1
Max vCPU: 3


Max Query Size: 1 GB

Max Jobs: 3
Machine Type: n1-standard-1